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Devotion to our Holy Guardian Angels

Philip Illsley - Saturday, January 20, 2018

Guardian Angels
Angels are not cute or fluffy. They resemble God, being pure spirit in nature,
and have been ministering to Mankind since the Fall.

Today my friends, it is vital that we all pray daily to our Holy Guardian Angels to intercede for us, to help us and guide us all through these difficult times as evil is becoming the uncontested dominator on earth.

All our Guardian Angels are assigned by God to every human being at the moment of our conception. Our Guardian Angels are closest to the material world and human beings. They deliver our prayers to God and return with God’s answers. They are the most caring and social beings who assist those who ask for help. We must never forget they are always in action looking after us and in fulfilling God’s plan for the whole world and for all mankind. We must never forget either that a single guardian angel even the smallest of all is more powerful than all the demons of hell put together because our guardian angel has God with him and the demons do not.

Simple Small Prayers
Say each day as many times as possible to your Guardian Angel;

Angel of God my Guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen, Fiat.

Guardian Angel CardCentral colour image: ©Thomas Blackshear - 'Watchers in the Night' 2001.

Prayer to our Guardian Angel
My good Guardian Angel who comes from Heaven; God has sent you to look after me. Shelter me under your wings, lighten my path and direct my steps and never leave me. Stay always near me and defend me from all harm and all evil. Above all, help me in the last struggle of my life and deliver my soul so that with you I may praise, love and contemplate the goodness of God for ever and ever. Amen Fiat.

An Angel ministers to Jesus in the Garden of GethsemaneImage source: Wikimedia provided by Brigham Young University.
In the Public Domain. 'Agony in the Garden' by Frans Schwartz, 1898.

Be like an Angel my friends!
Look for ways to serve God
Be there when God needs you
Speak to others about His Mercy
Give directions
Help those in need
Worship God always

We must never forget
The universe created by God is built with many floors. God in His Infinite Mercy calls us to fill those floors all the way to the top and to occupy those places which He cast out the evil spirits. Every child’s birth is a new act of creation, of someone who will praise God, every conception and birth of a child is an incredible event in creation and all the universe bows over the mother, the woman and her new born child.

Triumph of Christianity over Paganism - Gustave DoréImage source Wikimedia in Public Domain.
'The Triumph of Christianity over Paganism (detail) - Gustave Doré 1899.

There is another dimension to all of this; Angels are not born, the number of evil spirits does not increase, they have strictly determined numbers. The growing world of God’s children is composed exclusively of people. This is why the devil stands irritated and annoyed over a woman who gives birth, so it should come as no surprise to any of us that he will go to great lengths to destroy every conceived human being and all the power of evil attacks the weakest human an unborn baby! He wants to destroy every human being through abortion and we must do all we can to defend the woman and the child because only in the woman will life be created.

Baby tear
Stop the Great Sin 'the Abomination of Abortion'

God is on our side and man will increase in number until we fill all the top floors in God's House, to occupy the empty floors left by the ones who FELL FROM HEAVEN is the great battle being fought on earth today. Weak beings like us will take our place there and we will attain an even higher dignity, that of children of God; this dignity does not apply to angels, they are only God’s servants.

The Devil is at work in the world today and is it any wonder that Our Blessed Mother tells us that our sins today are far greater than in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. This generation is the most sinful in the history of the world. Today, we are living in a world, far from God and many of us are not turning to our celestial friends, our Guardian Angels, that God has posted at our side to help and guide us all back to God. Every Guardian Angel knows God’s special plan for everyone of us. Many parents today complain about not being listened to by their children because they prefer to listen to friends of their own age. This is why it is vital that all young people pray to their Guardian Angels. Parents please read and reflect on this. In confident prayer to our angels we will obtain results and miracles. But we must ask in faith through prayer. Encourage your children to say daily prayers to their Guardian Angels and you will see changes in their attitude and lives.

By Philip Illsley

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