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Sign Petition for YouTube to ban desecration videos

Chris Illsley - Wednesday, January 17, 2018

YouTube Eucharist Desecration Videos

Online video sharing site YouTube
allows videos of attacks on the Holy Eucharist

How to Desecrate the Host 1: Butane Torch
14 seconds in, it assures the viewer: “Real host acquired from a Catholic Church”

. It shows a host being held in a needle-nose plier while an off-screen person lights a butane torch and thoroughly burns the host to a crisp. It was posted on YouTube by user name HostDesecrator. Can such a name leave any doubt as to the author’s intentions? Is this not pure malice… silent, brutal, and straight-to-the-point?

Please tell all your friends to petition YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to take down these videos

Sign Petition Here


Carol Navarra commented on 21-Jan-2018 08:37 PM
Host Desecration is the highest form of insult to Almighty God, and is a blasphemy punishable by Hell and Damnation. People who insult the Triune God are only asking for an Eternity in Hell with no restrictions. If YouTube were to consider the abomination and it's consequences, they'd remove all such videos, but we know they're PC about anything to do with Catholics, but with Islam it's a NO GO if we insult their fake god. Let's put Priority above PC and get rid of this insult to every Catholic in the World. Let's prove that Religious Liberty doesn't equal insulting Almighty God on YouTube. I advise we ban YouTube from our homes, etc. until such time as those videos are removed permanently.

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