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The Love of the Father

Philip Illsley - Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Love of the Father
Words of wisdom, pearls of gold, from the book
'The Father Speaks to His Children' - Imprimatur Vatican 1989.

God the Father

Our Father Says:
"Everything I am saying to you is intended to make you realise that I come to carry out this work of love. Raise yourselves to the dignity of children of God and learn how to respect your own greatness. I will then be your Father more than ever, the most loveable and merciful of Fathers."

"I have come to bring peace with this work of love. I will let a ray of peace fall upon anyone who honours me and trusts in me. So that he will be relieved in all his troubles, all his worries, sufferings and afflictions, especially if he calls me and loves me as his Father. If families honour me and love me as their Father, I will give my peace together with my providence."

"If workers, businessmen and artisans invoke and honour me, I will give them my peace and my strength, I will show myself to be a good and merciful Father. If each Christian community invokes and honours Me, I will give it my peace."

Excerpts from the 'Father of Mankind'
which can be downloaded at the footer of this post.

Page 59:
"I will show myself to be a most loving Father and through my power I will ensure the eternal salvation of souls. If all Mankind invokes and honours me I will bring down upon it the spirit of peace like a benevolent dew."

"If all nations invoke and honour me there will be no more discord, nor wars, because I am the God of peace and where I am, there no war can be."

"Finally you know that I can do everything because of my power. Well, I am offering this power to all of you, to use now and for eternity. I will always show Myself to be your Father, provided that you show yourselves to be My children."

"What do I desire to achieve with this work of love, if not to find hearts able to understand Me. I am holiness of which I possess the perfect and full expression; I offer you this holiness, of which I am the author, through my Holy Spirit, and I instil it in your souls through My Son’s merits. It is through My Son and the Holy Spirit that I am coming to you and into you, and it is in you that I seek My repose."

"To some souls the words, I am coming into you will seem a mystery, but it is not a mystery! Because having instructed My Son to institute the Holy Eucharist, I intended to come to you every time you receive the Sacred Host."

Page 60:
"Of course nothing prevented me from coming to you even before the Eucharist, as nothing is impossible to Me! But receiving this Sacrament is an action that is easy to understand and it shows how I come to you."

"When I am in you, I can more easily give you what I possess provided you ask me for it. Through this Sacrament you are intimately united with Me. It is in this intimacy that the outpouring of my love make my holiness spread into your souls. I fill you with my love then you have only to ask me for the virtues and perfection you need and you can be sure that in those moments when God is reposing in his creatures nothing will be refused you. Since you know my favourite place of rest, are you not going to offer me it ? I am your Father and your God ; will you dare refuse me this? Oh do not let Me suffer because of your cruelty towards a Father who is asking you for this one favour for himself."

"Before ending this message, I want to express a wish to numerous souls who are consecrated to my service. You priests, and religious, are those souls. You are dedicated to my service whether in the contemplative life or in charitable and apostolic works. For my part this is a privilege granted through my goodness; for your part, it is faithfulness to your vocation, together with your good will. You know all the difficulties that have to be overcome to win a soul, this is the effective means of helping you to bring a great number of them to me, this means is that of making me known, loved, and honoured by men. I want you to be the first ones to start doing this. What joy for me to enter first the houses of priest’s and religious!"

"What joy to find myself as Father amid the children of my love ! I will be everything for you. I will satisfy all your needs, most of all I will be the Father who receives your requests, who lavishes His love His benefits and His universal tenderness upon you. Do not refuse me this joy which I desire to enjoy with you I will give it back to you a hundred fold and since you will honour me I will honour you too by preparing great glory for you in my kingdom."

"I am the light of lights; where it penetrates there will be life, bread and happiness. This light will illuminate the pilgrim, the septic, the ignorant. It will illuminate you all. O men who live in this world of darkness and vice, if you did not have my light you would fall into the abyss of eternal death."

"Finally, this light will lighten the ways which lead to the true Catholic Church for its poor children who are still victims of superstition. I will show myself as a Father to those who suffer most on earth, the poor lepers. I will show myself to be a Father of all those abandoned the outcasts of every human society. I will show myself as a Father to the afflicted, the sick, and above all those who are in agony. I will show Myself as a Father to all families, to orphans, widows, prisoners, workers, and the young."

"I will show Myself as the Father of Kings, the Father of their Nations. You will all feel my goodness and my protection. You will all see my power."

I love You my Father and I give myself to you. Please take care of everything – because love pays for everything.

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