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There will be a great wonder...

Philip Illsley - Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Pope Pius IX
There will come 'A Great Wonder' which will fill the world with astonishment!
The vision of Pope Pius IX in 1878.

This great Pope reigned from 16th June 1864 until his death in 1878. He was the longest reigning elected Pope in the history of the Catholic Church serving for over 31 years. In this vision of Pope Pius he said; Since the whole world is against God and his Church, it is evident that he has reserved the victory over his enemies to himself. This will be more obvious when it is considered that the root of all present evils is to be found in the fact that those with talents and vigor crave earthly pleasures and not only desert God but repudiate him altogether, thus it appears they cannot be brought back in any other way except through an act that cannot be described to any secondary agency and thus all will be forced to 'look to the supernatural'.

A Great Wonder
There will come A Great Wonder which will fill the world with astonishment. This will be preceded by the triumph of revolution. The Church will suffer exceedingly and her servants and her chieftain will be mocked, scourged, and martyred. When Pope Pius mentions 'there will come A Great Wonder that will fill the world with astonishment', this my friends I believe is the great universal warning foretold by Our Blessed Lady the Queen of Prophets at San Sebastian De Garabandal in 1961.

This is otherwise known as the 'Illumination of our consciences' where everyone over the age of seven will see their sinful selves as they stand before the judgement throne of God. This will frighten all humanity, it will be like a fire that will not burn our flesh and it will last a short time, but for us all it will seem much longer. It is meant to be a purification, the revelation of all our sins, for each and everyone of us to see our sinful self as we stand before God. What we will all feel in our hearts will be worse than sorrow, it will not kill us, but some may die by the emotion created within, on seeing their sins and how they offend God.

The Great Warning
Pope Pius also said that this will be preceded by the Triumph of Revolution which I believe is again what Our Lady the Queen of Prophets also foretold at Garabandal, the tribulation of Communism led by Russia. Our Lady again foretold that communism would come back and cause great suffering before its reign of terror is suddenly ended. The visionaries at Garabnadal were shown a brief period of time in Europe, suddenly Italy, France and Spain would be overrun by Communism. She said there would be persecution of the Church and the Holy Father would have to flee Rome. The tribulation would be an awesome time for the Church and priests would be in hiding. Remember what Pope Pius IX said; "the Church would suffer exceedingly and her servants and her Chieftain will be mocked, scourged, and martyred." What stops this tribulation is the 'Great Universal Warning', the Illumination of our consciences.

Please believe me when I say that this Great Universal Warning preceded by the tribulation of Communism is nearer than you all may think. I believe it is very close and we all need to wake up to what is happening in the world. Pope Saint John Paul II warned us at Feluda in Germany in 1980 that we cannot stop the coming tribulation it is to late; but we can mitigate it by daily prayer and if we stop sinning! All of us must go to war with sin and we must all pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily!

We have been given powerful weapons from Heaven to defeat Satan and all his evil but we must use them and pray daily without fail. These prayers in The Divine Will (Download the E-book here) take on infinite value and power because it is Jesus and all of Heaven who is praying with us. Jesus said: "One prayer in the Divine Will is worth more than a lifetime of Prayer in the Human Will." – this is the power that has been given to us. - By Philip Illsley.


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