Garabandal - Where peace reigns

Our Lady appeared in Garabandal to four young girls aged between 11 & 12. Conchita Gonzalez, Mary Cruz Gonzalez , Jancinta Gonzalez, and Mari Loli Mazon between 1961 and 1965, She appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with the brown scapular, and she appeared over 2000 times.

There are four Ticking Time Bombs in our world today that have been counting down for over 56 years and each passing year brings them closer to the time when they will detonate with such awesome results for all the world to see and hear. In spite of the serious pleas of Our Heavenly Mother these Time Bombs and the serious events of the messages of Garabandal have been ignored, and basically swept under the carpet by many within the Catholic Church, to whom these messages were directed, namely Cardinals, Bishops, and priests."

"The first ticking time bomb is the coming tribulation of communism led by Russia. This will result in major bloodshed and be a grave time of persecution of the Church. Priests would be in hiding, churches would be closed and the sacraments would not be available."

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The Second Ticking Time Bomb

Is the Great Universal Warning otherwise known as the Illumination of all our consciences where everyone over the age of 7 will see the sate of their soul as before the throne of God.

This will stop the communist tribulation and correct the conscience of the whole world. This will come directly from God, no one will be able to stop it or escape it, and will warn the wicked that they will have to turn to God.

The Third Ticking Time Bomb

Is the greatest miracle the world has ever seen. This will happen above the Pines at Garabandal and Conchita the eldest visionary knows the date of the Miracle and will release this to the world 8 days beforehand. All those present at the time of the Great Miracle, the sick will be healed and unbelievers will be converted. Immediately after the Great Miracle, God will place a sign from Heaven above the Pines, this sign will be visible, photographable, but cannot be touched or moved and will there until the end of the world.

The Fourth Ticking Time Bomb

The Great Chastisement of Fire. This is a conditional chastisement from Heaven if mankind does not change and turn to God after the Great Warning and the Great Miracle. If humanity does revert to its former ways of evil the Great Chastisement of Fire will come upon all humanity. On the day of the Miracle of Fatima, October the 19th 1917, Our Lady appeared to the three children dressed as Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding the baby Jesus in her arms with the Brown Scapular. As she waved them goodbye she said "Until San Sebastian Spain", we did not know until July 1961 that Our Lady meant San Sebastain De Garabandal in northern Spain.

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