Mary Queen of all Hearts and Queen of all Creation

Mary the sign of joyful hope and the beginning of a better world. By accepting Christ (with her, whole heart and soul) Christ who came from above, began his plan of salvation for mankind.

Be it done unto me according to thy word…

Mary did not ask what the future would bring her, but what God was requesting from her now. She courageously stepped forward into the path of revelation through which salvation of the whole world comes. A better world can only come from above with the power of divine grace that makes better people of us all, better Christians, apostles of brotherly love, capable of building a better world. Mary gave her heart to God with generous and complete surrender, therefore God could use her whole being for the beginning of a better world. Mary was and remains the first woman bringing Christ to the world, and she brings him to us, and her earnest desire is for us all to carry him to others, but we must all resemble her if we want to bring her son Jesus Christ to this most sinful generation of all time. We all hope for lifelong, happiness, joy and peace. Mary’s son Jesus Christ brings this true life to us, He possesses “The words of eternal life“ (John 6.69)

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Mary is constantly calling all of us to daily prayer, to open our hearts and minds to the power of daily prayer, and to call on the Holy Spirit to come and fill our lives, daily prayer is an expression of our relationship with God, therefore if we have a problem with daily prayer, one who loves God, She assures us will pray with ease, and will pray more, one who loves God will commit to daily prayer with love, the more time we spend with God in daily prayer, the more we will love Him, in this way she says our lives will be transformed. This 9 day novena will replace all tension within us with peace, all fear with love, and love consoles, love repairs and love heals.

The FREE E-Book ref: MARY1 has a wonderful 9 day Novena Mary Queen of all Hearts and Queen of all Creation. This is a powerful novena to pray for inner healing of the soul and of the body.



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