Medjugorje - Heaven on Earth

Medjugorje - Heaven on Earth

Med-yu-gor-ee-ay) is a village in Bosnia Hercegovina. Until 1981, it was a quiet place, where the villagers lived simple rural lives. Then an extraordinary event took place. On the feast of St John the Baptist, June 24th 1981, four young people witnessed an apparition on a hill outside the village. The following day two more also saw it. The young friends, aged between 10 and 16, saw in a brilliant light, the figure of a beautiful young woman. During the third apparition, in response to a question from one of them, she told them that she was the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. Since these events forty million pilgrims from every corner of the globe have flocked to be where the Mother of Jesus appeared - and continues to appear every evening.

Philip Illsley - On Medjugorje

We find in these apparitions of Our Blessed lady at Medjugorje an answer to the anxious entreaties that many have today regarding their faith or lack of faith, that God has heard and continues to hear the cries of His people who beseech Him that good will triumph over evil. This is the very substance of Our Blessed lady’s messages and warnings at Medjugorje. Has this received the recognition it deserves the answer is no! because, of the state of apostasy in the world the lack of Faith, the supernatural is played down, and even scorned, even by many Clergy, this disheartens the many millions of people the world over who owe their conversion to Medjugorje. Mary is constantly reminding us that God must come first in our lives, that we can only find true happiness and peace if we travel life’s pilgrim road with God. Our Blessed Mother says that each one of us is to play a significant role in God’s plan for the Salvation of all mankind, and that this role is to be carried out each day by everyone of us, and that without us God’s Plan cannot be realised, and that we cannot comprehend our role in this plan without daily prayer

each one of us is to play a significant role in God’s plan for the Salvation of all mankind

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Two girls, Ivanka aged 15, and 16 year-old Mirjana were returning home from a walk at about 5 o'clock that afternoon. Ivanka saw a figure of a woman, bathed in light, floating above the ground. She called out to Mirjana that she could see the Madonna. Two other young friends, Ivan and Vicka, joined Ivanka and Mirjana. The following day their friends Marija and Jacov came too. Thereafter all six began to see the Gospa (Madonna) at the same time every day. Many visitors have also seen strange flashes of light and fire on the mountain. At the outset the apparitions lasted 30 minutes or more, but now are usually three or four minutes duration. They take place at 5.40pm (GMT) every evening.


As news of these extraordinary events in Medjugorje spread, the Communist Government reacted with repression. Police and troops were sent to the village, the visionaries were detained for psychiatric examination and the village people harassed. The parish priest at the time, Fr. Jozo Zovko, a Franciscan, was arrested by the secred police and imprisoned for 18 months. But throughout that troubled period the Virgin continued to appear to the visionaries daily without fail. The authorities ceased harassment, and with the changes of regime, visitors were welcomed.


The Virgin explained to the children "I have come to tell the world that God exists and that He loves you. He is the fulness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and obtain peace, you must return to God." Mary presents herself as both a servant and messenger of God. The message she brings does not convey new teachings, but echoes the Gospels and teachings of the Church. The basic message of Medjugorje is Peace, through commitment to God, Reconciliation, Prayer and Fasting. What they see The visionaries are able to see and even touch the Virgin during the apparitions. They can converse with her, but are oblivious to noise, light, and pain - as numerous scientific tests have proved. Exhaustive psychiatric investigation has also shown them to be normal in every way. Mary stands a few feet away upon a small cloud. Her presence is preceded by a brilliant light. The visionaries describe her as beautiful beyond words, radiant with holiness. She looks no more than 19, with dark hair, and blue eyes. She usually wears a grey dress with a white veil down to her feet, and a crown of twelve stars. The conversations that the Virgin has with the visionaries express motherly tenderness and love, and she has assumed the role of both mother and teacher guiding them in prayer, and advising and directing them in their lives. Mary and the visionaries usually pray together during the apparition.

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