The Divine Will

Luisa was born on 23rd April 1865 in Corato in Italy. Her mystical experiences began at an early age and she had frequent nightmares which made her very fearful of the Devil, she also dreamed many times of The Virgin Mary, who would send the Devil away from her. Jesus told her that the enemy – The Devil had discerned some very special design of God upon her, that would bring great glory to God, and that Satan would be defeated as never before. Satan had recognised that Luisa seemed destined to destroy his infernal kingdom on earth, Satan, realised that living and praying in the Divine Will would destroy his kingdom. This is the power we all have of living and praying in the Divine Will. From the time of her first Holy Communion she was able to speak to Jesus sometimes for up to three hours, during her teenage life she saw Jesus carrying His Cross, Jesus said to her; Soul Help Me ! The horror of seeing Him so badly treated caused her to faint, and from this time on she had an insatiable thirst to suffer with Jesus for all humanity and the Salvation of souls, all this suffering of Luisa, was to make reparation to Divine Justice which was excessively angered and to avert many chastisements for all mankind. This Victim soul Luisa Piccaretta, confined to her bed for over 64 years lived on nothing but the Eucharist through to her death at nearly 82 years of age.

One act in the Divine Will, is a Divine act, and gives more glory than all the acts of all the previous saints and martyrs combined, and that one prayer in the Divine Will, is worth more than a lifetime of prayer in the human will, and if the whole of humanity prayed in a human way even this great volume of prayer would not compare with just one prayer in the Divine Will.

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Those who live and pray in the Divine Will

Jesus told Luisa that those people who live and pray in the Divine Will, however little unknown or ignorant they may be, they will surpass all the saints of days gone by despite their prodigies, striking conversions and miracles because they have lived with Jesus and Mary in the Divine Will of God. Jesus said 'these people become illuminous points upon the earth and the saints in heaven know where these people are upon the earth because they are living in the same beatitude. These people should no longer feel themselves citizens of earth because they are citizens of heaven'.

The gift of the Divine Will is not only about doing God's will, but letting God carry out his own will, himself, within you through your consent. While Jesus was on earth, during his hidden life, the time he was found in the temple by Joseph and Mary at the age of twelve and went back to Nazareth with them these eighteen years of his hidden life he redid the lives of everyone in his Divine Will. Everyone from Adam to the last person to be created, in this way there is a Divine version of each one's life, because only the divine version can give a perfect return of love and glory to the Father. Each one of us now can find in Jesus the Divine version of our own life suspended in Him. All we have to do is ask Jesus for it, once we understand how to do this, that is what living and praying in the Divine Will is all about.

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